kadiköy market

Kadiköy is on the Asian side of the Marmara sea, and is certainly worth the crossing for its food market. There are lots and lots of fast food joints and cafes and taverns in Kadiköy market, sitting amidst all the fish and produce stands and delis. So, it is a really nice area for food.

Kadiköy is definitely not a fancy market that has been created from scratch as a tourist attraction. Or even an old market location which has been restored and gentrified for just such a purpose. The place has been around for centuries as a market, and looking very much like it does today - going at least as far back as I can remember.

The eating places are a newer addition though. Back when I was a kid there were far less of them around, just a few for the vendors to go and have lunch really. And then the new ones grew quite spontaneously from that, nothing was ever planned or anything. They just came into being over the past few decades - first one, then another, then another...

Marzipan (top) and Turkish Delight (bottom). And this TD is the real McCoy folks! At this point it is only to be found in the original Haci Bekir shop in Kadiköy. The rest is just a shadow of the real thing - at best!

There are more cafes, restaurants, fast food places and taverns in Kadiköy than one could possibly name and most of them are quite delightful. A lot of them serve beer, wine and raki and mostly concentrate on fish for food and tapas. Their price range is from 8 to 15 Euros (for places serving soft drinks only) to 25 to 45 Euros for taverns, where beer is cheaper, wine and raki will be more - and, as always, beware of the tapas since they tend to add up before you even notice!

Noteworthy food places in Kadiköy market are Çiya Sofrası, (separate post here>>>) and Baylan patisserie (separate post here>>>). Other places to go to in Kadiköy are Kadife sokak, the street of the alternative rock scene of Istanbul with its many tattoo parlors, bars and piercing joints (consult map below for location); and also nearby Moda (separate post here>>>).

View Kadiköy in a larger map

To see Kadiköy's geographic location within the city look at the overview map found here >>>. To get to Kadiköy take a ferry from either Karaköy, Eminönü or Beşiktaş. This will set you off at one of the ferry ports marked on the map above. Then start walking inland in the direction of the blue area and you are in the market. For the return trip please be aware that the last ferry to Beşiktaş leaves at 21.15, whereas the Karaköy ferry runs until 23.30. (A ferry timetable can also be found here>>>)

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